Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Avatar Flower with Crayon Style

avatar flower on crayon
after watching the Avatar movie I have an idea to make a pictures of the flower on avatar style, with blue and green is the more dominant color, so I grab the paper and the crayon, the result is "Avatar Flower on Crayon" or "Flower of the Avatar". sometimes we also want to live in our Avatar but would it become reality? this is Exotic Sexy Pictures and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Coretan Tangan" describe How Indonesia is

coretan tangan
the way I feel today is describe on this exotic pictures and I call this picture "Coretan Tangan" who doesn't know what is the destination of this life. same like this country, Indonesia who doesn't know what is the destination of this nation? so I just draw and give some effect on that pictures which represent that inside this nation full of block who want to show they power on the top of Indonesian citizen suffering. and that's why I draw this exotic pictures called "Coretan Tangan".

Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflection of the Winter

reflection of the winter
the winter is come and this is the exotic pictures about Reflection of the Winter. when the winter is come there is so many leaf drop to the land and this pictures is Reflection of the Winter describe from the other point of view of the writer about the winter it self. and when we can make or modified this Exotic Sexy Pictures it will make our feeling joy and comfortable at least for myself.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keep Your Hope Alive

keep your hope alive
Keep Your Hope Alive and that's describe this exotic pictures. when you fall down and reach to the very bottom of this life and I believe everyone does visit that place, you can not loose your hope there in other word you have to Keep Your Hope Alive, keep the faith because every problem has the solution and that the way God make this life, Black and White, Good and Bad also problem and solve of that problem, so just keep your hope alive.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pattern Space Style Expressing of My Heart

pattern space style
when I'm feel so tired I'll just open the Photoshop and start edit photo with it, I just draw or edit the pictures as my hand want, sometimes it's only blank black pictures sometimes it's just line or any shape and like this one what I called "Pattern Space Style" with modified from other pictures and express myself through this pictures. and this is I called Exotic Pictures of My Heart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sketsa Dominan Describe on this Pictures

sketsa dominan, dominance sketch
I call this Sketsa Dominan or Dominance Sketch that describe the dominance or my way full in red and many color and there is also some black and white color too that express the black and white side of this life. why red? because red is brave and that mean we have to dare and brave to face this life. and that makes this exotic pictures more sexy if we know the meaning of this pictures.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breaking of a Cup of Coffee on the Sexy Pictures

breaking coffee cup
When you found in the morning yourself feel so freeze I think a cup of coffee will be make yourself feel a little warm and make that freeze feeling gone, but how if we can't find a cup of coffee on that morning? this Exotic Sexy Pictures drawn the feeling of me when I can't find a cup of coffee in the freeze morning and that pictures is showing to us a breaking a cup of coffee.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Circle Of Love on Exotic Pictures

two couple of circle, the circle of love
The Circle of Love or Two Couple Circle may be that describe this Exotic Pictures and that is exactly what I feel when I see two couple on the garden or park talk to each other with softly and gently and I describe they to this pictures, of course with my point of view when this lover become The Circle of Love.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a Shaping Day on Exotic Sexy Pictures

shapping day
It's a shaping day at least that what I told to my daughter yesterday. even she has affected by influenza, her body is cold in other word she has a fever, but she still play with her laptop and making a shape in the Photoshop. with a little touch we make that pictures look more exotic and sexy. I know maybe someone will told this pictures is a kindergarten pictures but it doesn't matter because we only try to express our self with exotic sexy pictures. so with this exotic pictures called Shaping Day, we try to make something original and different with this blog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gold Fall from the Sky on this Exotic Pictures Imagination

gold from the sky
This is my imagination as ordinary people, poor people. I imagine that gold fall from the sky, and that gold maybe will make me rich. and this pictures show my imagination, with a little bit touch using Photoshop so I modified this pictures become what I want according with my imagination.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Exotic Sensual Gothic Rose Style

gothic rose style, exotic sexy pictures
everyone has the dark side of they life, can be dominant or no, but this Exotic Sexy Pictures of Rose or I called Gothic Rose Style is describe the way I feel now and I only see this kind of way when I see the beauty of rose. so I draw what inside my mind and set the different view of my imagination through this Sensual Gothic Rose.

Mosaic Pattern Exotic Pictures using Photoshop Plugins

mosaic pattern rounded
well this is one of the mosaic pattern that twisted and rounded using photoshop and I think with this effect make this pictures more exotic and sexy even we know that only simple pictures of mosaic pattern.

eyes on the sky
If someone think this pictures is hard to made so they must be wrong, this exotic sexy pictures is very easy to create only using Photoshop plugins you already make any pictures just like this and this exotic ghotic pictures is describe that we can't see only from the outside but we have to see the inside and that what happen to people right now, they only judge people from the outside even they don't know the person they only seen what the eyes seen, but we never know what the inside of them.

Colorful Exotic Pictures and Black White Gothic Version

two different side
Just try something new here, with the exotic sexy pictures and a little bit effect with Gothic Style also Black and White Style I'll try to express myself more deeply on those exotic pictures.

coretan tangan
Also with freestyle with a lot of line which drawn my feeling is full of color and is very challenging for me to do with those exotic pictures doing with all light color. believe or not this colorful pictures is made by my own daughter. thanks to her I have an idea to make this blog publish.